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Spa Six Hour Classic Endurance Race 22/9/12

Lee Maxted-Page and Mark Sumpter raced Lee's historic 1964 Porsche 901

After qualifying well, Lee Maxted-Page and Mark Sumpter knew that they had a very good chance of a class podium. The race started at 4pm on Saturday with 104 cars taking the rolling start.

The first few laps very extremely busy and Mark stayed out for a long first stint of just over two hours before coming in for fuel and handing the car over to Lee.

Lee raced well for another hour making places consistently until the brakes failed at the mid race distance.

'The brake pedal went straight to the floor without any sign of slowing down the car so I had to slide the car sideways to slow it down' reported Lee 'then I had to drive it back to the pits without brakes'.

The team did a great job to fix the brake caliper problem but unfortunately it cost them 35 minutes so a victory was now impossible - but there was still over two hours of the race remaining and night racing at Spa in the wonderful Porsche 901 isn't something Mark wanted to miss out on.

'It was a shame that we had the brake problem but I enjoyed some great battles and loved driving the car' said Mark.

Even with the long pit stop they managed to finish 19th in class and 56th overall and are looking forward to a better result next year!